At Scarph and Spirit we create beautiful, handcrafted sash windows and are specialists in period sensitive, double glazed, timber sash windows. Our windows grace numerous Grade 2 listed properties and we can painlessly guide you through the planning application process if required.


Using traditional mortice and tenon construction methods and more modern techniques, our sash windows are built using the finest quality joinery grade redwood or hardwood. They are then triple coated in industrial grade preservative before having an extremely long lasting triple coat paint system applied. This ensures that with a sensible maintenance schedule, our windows will last indefinitely. 


All our sash windows have a discreet fibre pile insulation system fitted. Fibre pile is routed into all the concealed parts of the window which means the system is virtually undetectable to the eye. This ensures the window is smooth running and well insulated against heat and noise ingress or egress. Importantly, the period sensitive ‘character’ of the windows is in no way compromised.


Our experience means you don’t need to go through the hassle of dealing with local planning authorities as we can guide you through every step of the process. We have a high success rate of dealing with planning departments and would be happy to give you a no fee consultation.


Where applicable our windows use Heritage glass which in turn allows us to construct ultra thin glazing bars (an important characteristic of period windows). This combination makes our windows the preferred choice with conservation societies and planning departments. Our experience means you will be guaranteed gorgeous, period sensitive, sash windows when you chose Scarph and Spirit.